March has seen International Women's Day already, and will see Mother's Day just before it ends. It also sees our latest CPLFC player interview!

We are into the final few months of the season, the business end as it is known. Every goal, every point is crucial, and the big games come thick and fast. It has been a tough, forgettable week for the men, while our ladies are in the middle of a break, such is the slightly strange fixture list of the Women's Championship. Next up will be Man Utd away, a game that will be exciting for its sheer size, and a great experience for our Ladies, but also daunting given how dominant they have been this season. Two key games remain after that, as we look to finish strong and out of that bottom spot in the league. One player who will likely play a crucial role in those games, is Andria Georgiou.

For me personally, Andria really caught my attention at the start of January, in our game against Millwall at home. A crucial match, the achievement of 3 massive points and Gemma Bryan scoring on her return debut overshadowed everything else that night. For me though, the dominant display we showed that night was controlled from the middle of the pitch by one player, Andria. Tenacious in the tackle, always looking for a pass and quick to get us moving, Andria quietly played a key role in that performance, one that had perhaps been missing in previous games. A regular in the side since, Andria will in my opinion have a say in these final few games, while setting herself up for a key role next season.

So let me stop my talking, and hand over to Andria to tell us more about herself.

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PLAYER NAME: Andria ( Dre ) Georgiou

POSITION: Centre Midfielder

JOINED PALACE: August 2018


(Please state the reason with each answer when required)

1) What is your background in football?

I started football when I was around 4/ 5. I got scouted for Chelsea u10s but because of distance I moved to Arsenal. Was there from u12s all the way up until U17s. I then played first team football for London Bees until 2 seasons ago in which I joined West Ham for a season, now at Palace.

2) Who are your football heroes/inspiration?

Growing up as an arsenal fan, my footballing hero is Dennis Bergkamp. My inspiration has to be my parents and my grandma, they make me feel motivated and strive to do better and make them proud.

3) What is the proudest moment of your career so far?

I have to say making my debut in the first team wsl2 at 16 and getting my first Senior International call up, in which I am getting all my documents sorted.

4) What has been your favourite moment in the famous red and blue so far?

Starting off our season beating a wsl1 team in the cup and also scoring my first Palace goal.

5) What do you hope to achieve in your career in the next five years?

I hope to become a full time footballer at the top league.


(Please state the name of the player and the reason why)

1) LAST OFF THE PITCH: Who trains the hardest?

Ria Collins, the girls a beast and always puts in 100% at training.

2) UNOFFICIAL CAPTAIN: Who is the most vocal on the pitch, despite not wearing the armband?

I have to say Ashlee Hincks. Wherever I am on the pitch I always hear her being positive, which of course is a great thing to have as she’s one of our most experienced players.

3) NERVES OF STEEL: The team have a penalty in the last minute of injury time to win the league, who would you pick to take it?

I mean I’d be one who would love to take it haha but I got to say I’d put all my faith in our penalty taker, Ashlee(Hincks).

4) ONFIELD WARRIOR: Some teams like to play dirty to get an advantage, who is in the Mile Jedinak mould, that will give it back to defend the team?

Megan Chandler, everyone just knows she will put up a challenge and have your back as she loves a physical game.

5) THE MOTIVATOR: Football isn't all glory, there are plenty of downs to go with the ups. Who in the team can you always rely on to pick you up for the next game, when you need it?

All the girls are there for each other and keep remaining positive. However for me personally I have to say Anneka(Nuttall). Playing with her In previous years, she always picks my head up and tells me to keep going.

So there we have it, we all know a little bit more about Andria, a player you need to keep an eye out for! Be sure to check back next month, to see how our April 5BY5 will introduce!

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