Who are the current Women's World Champions?

Anyone who was glued to the BBC during the summer, following the journey of our Lionesses, will know the answer to that question is the USA. The next question, would be why am I asking that? Well, I do have a reason, and I will explain it now. My latest guest for my 5BY5 interviews that I hold with the Crystal Palace Women, is striker Magda Mosengo.

Magda joined Palace as one of the many new signings this past summer. It was a summer that clearly had been planned out with the view of learning from last season, and using our struggles and experiences to grow and improve. I have said in the past, that up front, despite non-stop hard work from the likes of Ashlee Hincks, Gemma Bryan, Nikita Whinnett and Kallie Balfour, goals were hard to come by last season. Injuries most certainly did not help that. It was rare that we could field the same front line for more than two games in a row. The other issue, is that sometimes it just doesn't work out, for whatever reason. Formations change, personnel change, quality of opponents change and style of play can change. As we have seen in the men's game, Christian Benteke scored 17 goals in his first season, and has then barely mustered three in his next two and one third seasons. As a striker, there is so much pressure on goals, that just as much as a good run can bring almost the golden touch, a tough run can bring rotten luck.

Our goal return needed to improve this season, everyone would agree with that. With Ashlee the only one of our forwards from last season, staying at the club, a brand new front line was required. The gaffer Dean Davenport, GM Paula Johnson and others worked incredibly hard behind the scenes to make sure we achieved just that. Several new faces like Bianca Baptiste, Rea Laudat and Cherelle Khassal all came in as new firepower, along with Magda. For me, the biggest standout point with our new signings, has been the experience they bring. While for Cherelle, a standout time at lower league Chichester has rightly earned her the chance to show what she can do at a higher level, both Bianca and Rea bring with them WSL experience.

Magda though, is somewhat unique. She has made the move from America, in what I feel could prove to be a big coup. This is why I wanted to highlight the fact that America are World Champions. I wanted to emphasise just how high a level the women's game is at over in America. For many years, I have always known the US to be the top level of women's football. I remember once hearing that across the pond, the women's game was bigger than the men's. America is a juggernaught when it comes to the women's game, and the standard is incredibly high. For us to sign someone from that hotbed of talent, is a fantastic move. In Magda, we are gaining a player who can bring a wealth of experience with her, from the land that currently rules the footballing world.

With Ashlee now being out for the season, the need for a player like Magda to make an impact has increased, and so far, she has very much stepped up to the plate, and then booted it into the back of the net! Magda has shown she can lead the line, she can be a focal point for our attack. She has good body strength, knows how she wants to play her game, and has an eye for goal. With two goals in her first four appearances, it is safe to say that Magda has been settling in well, and is certainly making her mark.

As we look to increase the gap between us and the bottom teams, and hopefully push further up the table, I feel Magda will have a big role to play. The more she plays, the more I think she can start to dominate defences, and if she isn't scoring the goals herself, I think her strong play will enable others to instead.

So, with my piece said, let me hand over to Magda.

PLAYER NAME: Magda Mosengo

POSITION: Centre Forward





(Please state the reason with each answer when required)

1) What is your background in football?

I've played football at QPR and at Arsenal, from centre of excellence up to reserves level. I then continued my career in the States.

2) Who are your football heroes/inspiration?

Drogba for me is a great person and player. On and off the field he’s someone I'd admire and is definitely an inspiration.

3) What is the proudest moment of your career so far?

Gaining the accolade of All American in the States. This award is handed out once a year to select athletes.

4) What has been your favourite moment in the famous red and blue so far?

Beating the London Bees 3-2 on Sunday.

5) What do you hope to achieve in your career in the next five years?

  • international caps
  • continue to love the sport
  • WSL1 signing

(Please state the name of the player and the reason why)

1) LAST OFF THE PITCH: Who trains the hardest?

Varies .. no one really rushes off.

2) UNOFFICIAL CAPTAIN: Who is the most vocal on the pitch, despite not wearing the armband?

AJ(Annabel Johnson) and Ashleigh Goddard. When they talk I definitely listen.

3) NERVES OF STEEL: The team have a penalty in the last minute of injury time to win the league, who would you pick to take it?

If not me then Dre(Andrea Georgiou) for sure.

4) ONFIELD WARRIOR: Some teams like to play dirty to get an advantage, who is in the Mile Jedinak mould, that will give it back to defend the team?

I personally think we all would, but definitely Hannah(MacKenzie)!

5) THE MOTIVATOR: Football isn't all glory, there are plenty of downs to go with the ups. Who in the team can you always rely on to pick you up for the next game, when you need it?

We rely on each other. We are a family and during such moments we always come together, from players to staff.

So there we are, now we all know a little bit more about Magda. If you want to see her in action, then be sure to get down to Hayes Lane this sunday(17/11/19) for Women's Football Weekend, as our ladies take on London City Lionesses. It is a 2pm kick off, and should be a cracking local derby!!

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*All photos credited to Tara Hook Photography*

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