Following on from the roaring success of the Christmas Palace XI, we here at Back Of The Nest decided to make the most of Valentine's Day and bring the format back!

So, we turned to you, our loyal fans, and asked for your suggestions of Valentine's themed Palace players. Now, I must say, things certainly got a bit 'blue' in regards to the suggestion. I don't know what it says about us fans, but the majority skipped straight past the romance of the occasion, and got straight down to the dirty side! There have been some entertaining suggestions, including those who didn't make the cut. One of those was Milf Zaha, a great twist of the name, but let's be honest, Milf isn't exactly anything to do with Valentines! A few others that didn't make it were Paul My Dickov(see, we are filthy minded), and Be Meyer Valentine. Enough of the nearly ran's though, let's get on with those who made the cut!

MANAGER - Iain Down On One Knee

The man who invented the term 'Bouncebackability', something that many a lover could do with come nightfall on Valentines Day!

GOALKEEPER - Romeo & Juliet Speroni

The greatest love story ever told, that happens to end in tragedy! Probably a few people out there right now saying they know what that is like! Thankfully, our love for Jules will never die!

RIGHT BACK - Aaron Wank-Bissaka

Here is our young starlet representing all the singletons out there on the day inadvertently designed to make them feel like rubbish(or delighted to be free, depending on your view of it!)

CENTRE BACK - Fitz Hallmark

A man not seen in the red and blue for many years, but has made back to back appearances in our novelty XI's. This moves away from hand shandy's and more towards a bit of tradition.

CENTRE BACK - What Scott Dann Me Trousers

Ok, so you could argue that this has nothing to do with Valentine's, and you would be quite right. Unfortunate accidents do happen though. This however, made it in, because it was agreed that it was such a clever suggestion it deserved a spot!

LEFT BACK - Aaron Van Aanheart

Heart had to get in this team, and it makes its first appearance here. PVA would have been the article title picture as we have one of him making a heart with his hands, but I used it the other day and don't want to be repetitive too soon! Plus, who doesn't love seeing Roy and Michy share a hug on this day of love?!

RIGHT WING - Victor Roses

Whether they are an expensive bunch ordered early and lovingly displayed by the florist, or a £2.50 droopy looking bunch from the local garage bought on the way home from work, roses will always epitomise Valentine's Day.

CENTRE MIDFIELD - Jordan Mutch Loved

The only time this man will ever make a positive XI for us. He gets his place for the sheer irony of it, considering it couldn't actually be any further from the truth!

CENTRAL MIDFIELD - Aki Riihilhearty

Heart appears again, linked in with a man who wore it on his sleeve every single game.

LEFT WING - Hand Job(i) McAnuff

Don't worry, for those who felt this was getting a little too clean, we have managed to find one more way to drag it into the gutter!

STRIKER - Clintons Morrison

A source of many cards for me over the years, the popular high street brand makes its appearance.

STRIKER - Kisstian Benteke

The big man rounds off the XI, like many new relationships formed on this day, sealed with a kiss!

So there you have it, our Valentine XI. In terms of quality, I think the Christmas XI would beat it, but that's just me. Now we get to look forward to the Easter XI. Can Fitz Hall make it three out of three? Get your thinking caps on standby! For now though, enjoy your day, enjoy those precious moments and of course, enjoy each other.

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